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Dabs or dabbing are slang names for the use of concentrated butane hash oil (or BHO). It is a relatively new method of administering/ingesting cannabis that involves the inhalation of highly concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main active chemical in cannabis. This concentrated form is produced through a chemical process using butane oil. 




is not a new drug. This increase in use comes with the liberalisation of cannabis use in the United States. There is anecdotal evidence that indicates people believe dabbing is a safer method of cannabis ingestion.  The home production of BHO (known as blasting) is hazardous as butane is flammable.

 It is also known as marijuana wax, budder, honeycomb and shatter and has been reported to have a THC concentration of approximately 80% (in comparison with traditional cannabis which is about 14-15%).1,

There is little to know  about the risks of ‘dabs’. But to traditional cannabis the high level of THC and the unique method of administration. May increase the risk of dependence and intensify withdrawal symptoms.

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