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Zestra is a topically applied medication approved by Health Canada for women suffering from female sexual arousal/ interest disorders. Its unique, patented and hormone-free formula is composed of active ingredients recognized to increased blood flow and local sensitivity. These ingredients are introduced into Zestra in the form a medicated oil.

Zestra is a clinically proven solution for women who experience a decrease in their sexual interest and desire.




Zestra is recommended by doctors and is regarded as a scientific breakthrough in women’s sexual health.

How Zestra works?

increase arousal and satisfaction in more than 50% of women*

increase desire and lower symptoms related to female sexual arousal and desire (FSA/ID)*

The active ingredients in Zestra increase blood flow and nerve conduction, to safely and effectively enhance female sexual pleasure, sensation, sensitivity and overall sexual satisfaction.

*Clinical study.
Indications and clinical use
Why should I take Zestra?
Zestra is specifically formulated for women who experience symptoms of female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD), have difficulty getting aroused, or simply have lower desire or interest in sexual activity.

These symptoms may occur at various stages in life, therefore Zestra is ideal for women: experiencing different stages of menopause, taking oral contraceptives, taking anti-depressants, with medical conditions affecting sexual feeling that have a desire to heighten their sexual experiences.
How to use Zestra? 5 minutes before sexual activity, simply apply a thin layer of Zestra oil on the vulva (clitoris and labia).

Zestra comes in a multidose pump bottle or in convenient, single-dose packets.
How to talk about it. Sexual health is a significant part of human health. Even if some women may find it difficult to talk about their sexuality with a healthcare professional, concerns related to sexual health are appropriate in a medical context.

Healthcare professionals deal with problems related to genitourinary functions on a daily basis. They are fully aware of sexual health issues, so it is completely normal and acceptable to disclose any sexual health problems without fear. Do not be shy to take proper action and discuss your health with your physician – nothing should be taboo when it comes to your health!

There are several ways to handle the subject:

Raise the topic with your family doctor, who will decide whether to treat you or refer you to a specialist.
Consult any other physician or specialist if you prefer.
Consult a sexual health professional (e.g. sex therapist, psychologist, or someone else, depending on your expectations).
Always remember:

Your healthcare professional is there to help you.
Solutions, like Zestra, are available to help you better adjust to the changes you may go through in your life.
You can discuss the subject directly with your healthcare professional; there is no need to wait for your doctor or gynecologist to address the subject.
Do NOT use Zestra with latex condoms as latex condoms, are not compatible with oil-based products. Zestra is safe to use with polyurethane condoms only, as they are specially designed for use with oil-based products.

Do not use if you have a known hypersensitivity (allergy) to any of the ingredients in Zestra .

Zestra is NOT a lubricant. You may safely use Zestra with Glide LubricantTM made by Zestra

Zestra does NOT provide protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Zestra is NOT a contraceptive and does NOT contain spermicide. Zetia

Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive (Zestra has not been tested in these populations).
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